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Euphoric Facial

SMOOTH APPPEARANCE OF LINES AND WRINKLES Galvanic Spa with the new Spot Treatment conductor works synergistically with Tru Face Line Corrector, helping to enhance the delivery of a pro-collagen peptide. Peptides help reduce the appearance o moderate to deep lines by sending age-reversing signals to collagen-producing cells. The new spot treatment conductor allows you to better target specific areas of the face and gives an added boost to your existing anti-aging treatment regimen.

Anti-aging Facial            SPECIAL   $55/ 50min

Provides intense dermal rejuvenation and is effective in improving the appearance of sun damaged skin; diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles; smoothing and softening roughness and dryness; firming saggy and creepy skin.

This will gradually experience softer skin, less noticeable lines and wrinkles and an overall more youthful appearance.

Illuminating Facial


Provides intense dermal rejuvenation and is effective in improving the appearance of uneven skin tones, dark sports and discolorations. Restores skin’s natural luminosity.

Treatment will gradually experience a brighter, more balanced skin tone, less noticeable discolorations and an overall more radiant complexion.

Clearing Facial


Provides intense dermal rejuvenation and is effective in improving oily skin, acne and problem-prone skin conditions

The treatment will experience a gradual clarifying of blemishes, a more balanced oil production and overall skin retexturization.

Glycolic Facial


This treatment will gradually experience softer, smoother skin, an overall skin retexturization and a more balanced and rejuvenated complexion.
Antioxidant Hydrating Facial


A non-peeling facial that thoroughly exfoliates skin while delivering intense hydration and potent antioxidants. Skin will feel rehydrated and look silkier and more supple.
Man's Facial


Experience a treatment including deep pore cleansing exfoliation, extraction, hand and arm massage, mask and sunscreen. This facial will soothe and hydrate skin that has been irritated by shaving, environment or stress. This will leave your skin looking radiant and refreshed includes brow clean up.
Back Treatment Facial


This is relaxing treatment for an overlooked area. This facial is designed especially for the hard to reach areas. Includes deep cleansing, mild exfoliation, toning. Extractions (if needed) and moisturizer.

European Facial


Experience a full hour of pampering and relaxation. This treatment includes an expert facial analysis. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and soothing massage of the face, neck, shoulders, and hands masking (aromatherapy face wrap) and sun screen moisturizer.

Acne Facial & Teen Facial           SPECIAl


This treatment included unique oxygen cream is extremely effective with acne conditions. It kills acne bacteria below the surface of the skin.

Customized Peel                     SPECIAl


Smoother and softer fine lines and wrinkles; Improved blemishes oil control; more balanced skin tone and less noticeable discolorations.

Eye Zone wrap


Soothes and softens the delicate skin around your eyes as it help decrease puffiness and increase circulation.

Ear Candling

$15 per ear

Holistic procedure in which wax and bacteria are cleaned out of your ears. This is excellent for sinus, allergies, and is safe for all.




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